Welcome from Dr. Sandeep Gopalan

Dr. Gopalan is the Vice Chancellor of Carolina University. He was previously the Pro Vice-Chancellor for Academic Innovation at Deakin University, Australia. Gopalan has been a leader in legal education — serving as dean of law schools and a law professor in Australia and Ireland. Prior to that, he was an associate professor at law schools in the US and UK. Before commencing his academic career, he was an investment banker on Wall Street and a lawyer.


We have a lot of great things happening (both on-campus and online) at Carolina University. However, none of those are possible without our academic programs. Our new catalog is available at catalog.carolinau.edu. It is a searchable website that should be used as a tool to assist you in your academic endeavors. We want you to enjoy your time as a student and enjoy the benefits of being a Carolina University student; just remember that academics must come first.


Academic Progress 

We get it. No one likes to talk about these things... but it is important that you understand the potential negative impact of your GPA.  According to the Academic Catalog, academic warning and/or academic suspension can affect a student's ability to continue with classes and/or extracurricular activities and change financial aid status, including federal student aid.

Student Success is our Goal! 

Kyndra Archenbronn is our Director of Student Success. In this video, she provides 7 helpful tips that can assist you in becoming a successful student here at Carolina University.

Carolina University provides you with the necessary tools and resources to assist you in your success as a student. Take a few moments and see what is included and how you are expected to use those resources.

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Essentials of eLearning

A 30-minute primer on navigating the new platform

Join me for an overview of the eLearning platform. We will walk through the basic navigation of the course contexts, demonstrate how to add posts, submit papers, and more. Every course you take at Carolina University has an eLearning course context, even if you are a face-to-face student. If you have the app, that's a great start; however, we believe the best experience for many tasks like researching, writing, and taking major exams, are best accomplished in a browser on a computer or laptop. 

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The George M. Manuel Library at Carolina University provides you with many of the resources you need to succeed in your courses, whether through enhanced research or study space (if you visit campus). Our two new librarians discuss the ways in which the library at CU is here to assist.

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